Using Strength-based Approaches to Personal and Organisational Change
The Theory and Practice of Appreciative Inquiry
A workshop in 5 one-day sessions
Designed for managers and consultants who want to develop or increase their ability to use AI.
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When and where

Workshop leaders:Anne Radford
Same person attends the five sessions. 
Location:central London


Series fee includes attendance at the five sessions, full set of materials and tea/coffee breaks:

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Workshop leaders

Anne Radford
is one of the first people to work with strength-based change in this country. Trained in Appreciative Inquiry, she has also studied related approaches such as Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy as well as taking a keen interest in the emerging research on the value of Positive Emotions. She uses these approaches with business leaders and consultants to reflect on their successes and develop a way forward that engages and motivates the key people or organizations. She is editor-in-chief of AI Practitioner, the online quarterly publication of strength-based best practice.

Purpose of the Series

AI is an approach for discovering and sustaining positive change in organizations and communities. Businesses, the public sector, and NGOs have successfully used this approach in complex change situations. Leaders see people within their team or organization become engaged and committed to delivering success. They also see a wide range of stakeholders attracted to working as partners in whole systems change. 
  • Enable leaders, managers and consultants to use AI principles in complex organizations systems by engaging others in rapidly changing agendas. To see where and how they can apply this way of thinking to models and approaches they already use in their organizations or in their practice.
  • Understand how AI invites creative and new avenues for action in personal, organizational and social change. Experience the power of dialogue to co-construct meaningful ways forward.
  • Learn how to introduce others to AI as a way of thinking. Experiment with AI as a process for implementing change initiatives especially ones involving many stakeholders.

About AI

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a systemic approach to organisational change and learning in Europe. AI is a form of organisational analysis first developed by Dr. David Cooperider and Suresh Srivastva, Case Western Reserve University, USA, in the mid1980s.
AI is both a theory of change and a methodology for discovering, understanding and fostering innovations. AI involves the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system's capacity to discover and develop positive potential. It is not about ignoring problems, it is about approaching them from a different
The inquiry process encourages an organisation to: 
  • Discover, understand and value the factors that give life and energy to the organisation
  • Develop a compelling vision of its future, rooted in examples of its best.
  • Identify relationships, conversations and next steps for making that vision happen.
  • Continue the cycle of learning, improvising and reviewing
Appreciative Inquiry has been used successful in situations such as:
  • Creating new organisational cultures - Supporting post-merger integration
  • Improving quality and customer service
  • Building stronger teams
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with other organisations
  • Executive coaching and performance management
  • Developing and implementing organisational strategy
In this Workshop you will
  • learn about the systemic principles of this approach to change
  • experience an AI process with its tools and methods
  • look at ways to apply the approach in your practice or in the organisation you are working in